Blendfeel offers you a complete base system, from raw materials, to volumetric bases, from 10 mL to 1000 mL. Choose the system you prefer and complete it with BIY, with traditional nicotine TPD 10 mL bases or with ZERO, the new nontoxic and natural excipient.

BIY nicotine 10 mL Bases 

Bases in compliance with TPD, versatile and available in 55, 73 mixture, FULL VG and Full PG, of 4,8,12,18 mg/mL nicotine concentration.

They can be used as “Do It Yourself”. Try the FULL VG and PG with our SISTEMA 100 and you’ll be able to blend your aromatic PG based mixtures without disequilibrium, obtaining your favorite density.

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Ready-mixed from 50 to 80 mL bases.

Already mixed in 451, 55, 73   chemical composition, from 50 a 80 mL.

Add nicotine BIY bases or ZERO and the aroma you prefer to obtain your ready to vape eliquid.

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SISTEMA 100 is our base system, from 80 to 120 mL.

So as to spare excise duty, bases are the perfect solution. They’re fitted to be used in combination with nicotine BIY  bases or with ZERO, the new excipient by Blendfeel LAB.

Available in 451, 55 and 73 composition. Start from 120 mL pre-filled bottle and add the aroma, nicotine or nicotine free BIY bases, preferably FULL VG or ZERO, and predosed 10 to 60 mL glycerin in the end.

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Wide format PG and VG .... up to 2000 mL.

If you love being creative and quality raw material

Here a little stockpile of raw materials for every need, in 1000 mL capacity bottles suitable for mixing.

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