ZERO - basis&boosters

The ZERO bases and boosters are used like the nicotine-containing bases of the BIY series but, unlike these, it is not necessary to calculate the total amount of nicotine, their Strength is pre-dosed in the bottle with reference to the amount of total liquid to be prepared.

To obtain the desired strength, it is always sufficient to mix a single 10 mL vial dedicated to the aroma you want to use.

There are dedicated bottles for the K-TPD series, for the long fills 10 + 20, for the long fills 20 + 40 and for the System 100 bases. In the case of the K-TPD series and 10 + 20 long fills they are premixed bases, in the case of the long fills 20 + 40 and System 100 bases they are PG boosters that cannot be used as ready e-liquid to charge an electronic cigarette.

The level of Strength (Forza), in this way the effect reached in the finished liquid is expressed, is indicated by the values ​​ranging from 1 to 8 where, as the Strength increases, the HIT and the nicotine replacement effect increase.

Remember that ZERO has a temperature-sensitive effect and therefore becomes more perceptible in systems with high power delivery (flavor-cloud) and with close aspirations over time.

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