Aroma di Tabacco™ 20+40


Organic Flavourings for Discomposites are flavourings that are often referred to as triple-concentrated and are less concentrated than traditional 10ml flavourings.

They have a special characteristic: they are LONG LIFE

The abbreviation LL - Long Life means that the product has longer-lasting characteristics than normal organic-based products. It is therefore also suitable for non-regenerative vaping systems (heads - pods).

Aroma di tabacco® is the ultimate in natural tobacco extracts: they are made from the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research is meticulous, and the products arrive at our production facility directly from the producers identified in the growing locations.

In the 20+40 proposal the 60ml bottle contains 20ml of flavouring with a concentration designed to make 60 mL in total.

+ 40 mL INTEGRATION: neutral base with or without nicotine

You can obtain a nicotine concentration level of up to 12 mg/mL utilizing the bases BIY alternatively up to Force 8 by using the base booster PG ZERO.

The composition of the blend obtainable generally ranges from 50/50 to 70/30.

These blends do not require any special maturing time as the aroma is well prediluted in the glycol part, which is precisely the solvent normally used.

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