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LONG FILL 10mL are triple concentration flavourings suitable for all vaping systems.

39 different flavours including creamy, fruity, iced, classic and tobacco.

Choose your favourite!

The 30ml bottle contains 10ml of flavouring with a concentration designed to make 30 ml in total.

+ 20 mL INTEGRATION: neutral base with or without nicotine

  • You can obtain a nicotine concentration level of up to 12 mg/mL (alternatively you can obtain up to Force 8 by using the PG ZERO base booster).

  • The composition of the blend obtainable generally ranges from 50/50 to 70/30.

  • These blends do not require any special maturing time as the aroma is well prediluted in the glycol part, which is precisely the solvent normally used.

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