K-TPD - Let's find out how this system works

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K-TPD is a system of decomposed liquids consisting of two products: The first consists of 4 ml of PG base aroma contained in a 15 ml bottle, the second a classic 6 ml booster (BIY base) containing nicotine which alternatively, it can be replaced by a 6 ml bottle of ZERO base.

Overall, therefore, we always obtain 10 ml of liquid.

In case of use of BIY bases, available in compositions 451, 55, 64 with nicotine concentrations 5, 10, 15 20 mg / ml we will be able to obtain finished liquids at 3, 6, 9, 12 mg / ml of nicotine with the compositions in terms of the VG / PG / H2O ratio indicated above. This is possible as the dedicated BIY bases have a composition such as to bring the final composition to that indicated in the label of the BIY base itself. For example the 6 ml 451 BIY base contains 1 ml of PG, 1 ml of water and 4 ml of VG, these added to the 4 ml of PG base aroma contained in the K-TPD bottle lead to a total mixture containing 4 ml of VG , 5 ml of PG and 1 ml of H2O. Note 451.

Similarly, in the case of using ZERO, the use of a bottle containing ingredients for dosages from Force 1 to Force 8 will allow you to prepare 10 ml finished with the strength of the chosen ZERO base.

After this brief technical explanation, let's talk about the why of this system. First of all, let's talk about the flexibility it allows.The same taste (aroma) can be prepared as you prefer, with different composition, with or without nicotine, with ZERO. This solves one of the problems of product availability in stores, no longer obliged to think about stocks of the same aroma according to the nicotine concentration, in this case also with the option of giving the Vaper the right product for the system in use and as of it is said to choose precisely not to use nicotine but ZERO. All this always starting from the same product and from a single integration.

The store shelf becomes more compact, stocks are reduced, it will be very difficult to run out of the specific product, the integrations are universal and alternative to each other for the whole system.

Another feature is the possibility of composing the boxes vertically by overlapping them in order to have a product of greater aesthetic impact and save space for displaying other products, the morphology of the box is such as to make their positioning more stable and helping to have an always tidy shelf.

Not insignificant is the fact that the system allows, being essentially a broken down system, to propose new tastes in real time, also satisfying the preferences of the Vaper both in a seasonal sense and in generic moments of preference of the vapers towards a specific flavor.

K-TPD is an advanced, modern, flexible, complete, aesthetically appealing and also tax-saving answer. Its cost takes this into account.

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