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The philosophy of Blendfeel Lab has always been and is not to accept compromises. The preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of our aromas are placed first of all considering it a priority not to sacrifice anything in terms of aromatic complexity and fullness. All the aromatic notes must be enhanced, from the "head" to the "tail", impress the palate in the aspiration phase, leave the fullness of the body and finally the memory after the inhalation phase of the aromatic flavor is the result that must reach any product before production can be validated.

The techniques, technologies and resources available in Blendfeel are always evolving and applied, always trying to achieve high quality results.

With this philosophy, the research of this last year has turned in particular to the definition of processes that, in addition to everything related to "taste", would lead to products with better durability of the coil / cotton system during the vape.

What have we done!

The already obsessive care of the extraction and filtration processes has been enriched both in technology and in the application, we have introduced new mechanical and chemical filtration systems, exploiting all the physical principles, meaning by this only the processes attributable to natural methods which significantly improved the results.

But not only has been worked on in the process, the selection of raw materials has also been treated and refined, for example in the tobaccos we have privileged leaves with a low sugar content in order to start the processes from the most suitable plant matrices. The result obtained is the balance between aromatic complexity and longevity of the product in the system.

This process has brought out the need to qualify them, with a clear and easily perceptible indication applicable to all products that can boast of these qualities.

This is how LL - LONG LIFE was born!

Deciding to affix the LL - LONG LIFE seal to a product means that their durability is improved, this in terms of coil encrustations, deterioration of the cotton but above all of constancy of the aroma before reaching the regeneration of the system or the replacement of the head. It is a qualification that is applied to all products that, precisely, have these characteristics of efficiency.

Searching for a LONG LIFE product on the site is easy, just use the Tags LL or LONG LIFE and the products with this feature will be identified from the blendfeel.com engine.

Today we start with Talius , the first product with these characteristics that belongs to the new SIGNATURE line, its taste and its characteristics are just to be discovered.

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