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Love Vape be a True Vaper

The years go by and even the vape continues its evolution, time makes its novation fast, constant, with the timing of what is new and has so much to tell. In 2014 we defined the Slowvape ®, we wanted to represent the future evolution of vaping in a cultural sense, not relegating it to a mere system of nicotine intake or to a substitute gesture.

A few years have passed and today probably the old definition of Hard Vaper, even if less and less used, no longer really responds to the heterogeneity and quality of liquid systems and products available on the market .

Here comes the time to redefine the enthusiast, the philosopher, the connoisseur, the experimenter of what the vape can offer, what better definition then if not TRUE VAPER ?

We firmly believe that this definition is the most suitable to represent this world and accompany those who love vape in the coming years.

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