ZERO - A MISE patent pending

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The studies I carried out for ZERO, the trade name of a mixture of alkaloids and vitamins suitable for use in personal vaporizers, have been translated into an invention filed with the Ministry of Economic Development - Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the protection of he invention is already active and covers the marketing of the product in all EU countries and in any case on the Italian territory.

The protection of intellectual property, relating both to the composition of ZERO, and to the marketing of the product and of course also to the distinctive sign that will distinguish it, allows the owner to pursue any form of counterfeiting and imitation of the product itself. This choice was made to defend the research work from those who, taking advantage of the research of others, are looking for an easy profit by putting you consumers in the condition of not knowing what you are actually inhaling. We oppose, also on this occasion, and as always, firmly, to any form of counterfeiting.

There will be no hesitation in taking action against anyone who attempts to copy ZERO, to protect intellectual property and the health of customers. So be wary of any imitations that you might find on the market and do not hesitate to report them.

Best wishes.

Renzo Cattaneo

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