ZERO - An alternative to Nicotine

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As you will surely know, without having to go into the maze of the cumbersome regulation of our sector, the European Union intended to regulate personal vaporizers with the TPD directives that have followed over time.

These rules have always been a harbinger of discussions and sometimes even disappointment in the sector, even though they exclusively regulate products containing nicotine.

ZERO is not subject to the limitations imposed by European legislation because ZERO does not contain nicotine, is not composed of substances harmful to the human body and is the result of a long and complex research. In this regard, we invite you to consult the emissions analyzes that we have carried out according to the criteria set by the TPD.

The ZERO packs show the ingredients that compose it, which are all of natural origin.

Even with this invention proposed today at Vaping we wanted to follow the path already outlined previously and which has characterized the spirit of innovation and research that has always distinguished us. In this case, being able to identify a formulation of this scientific level and effectiveness makes us aware and proud of the work of these years which today reaches a goal that might have seemed unthinkable.

We have always been committed to a clean and transparent industry, it will be no different this time.

If you have any doubts about ZERO we will be happy to answer you.

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