ZERO. But the TPD?

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The first thing to say is that ZERO does not contain nicotine in any form and is therefore unrelated to TPD

During the presentation of the product, it was asked how it could be lawful to mix components with effects considered beneficial in the scientific literature and in the practice of daily consumption in a liquid.

The question is interesting and deserves a little explanation. From a regulatory point of view, cigarettes and also electronic cigarettes are subject, as is well known, to the EU Directive 40, the so-called TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) implemented in Italy with Legislative Decree 6/2016 (transposition precisely of Directive 2014/40 / EU on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products and products….).

These regulations specifically regulate tobacco products (ie containing nicotine in various forms) and not the infinite other categories of products available in the world of chemicals or more simply on the market.

In fact, with regard to tobacco products, Article 8 of Legislative Decree 6 states, inter alia, in paragraph 3:

The placing on the market of tobacco products containing the following additives is prohibited:

(a) vitamins or other additives which create the impression that a tobacco product produces health benefits or carries fewer health risks;

The rationale of this prohibition is absolutely acceptable, it would be serious if a smoker could be convinced that smoking, if present some additives, can "do well" and would be an advertising vehicle that would, among other things, collide with the bans on the promotion of tobacco products.

Also it would be absolutely illogical, and for this reason it is not forbidden, to sell substances that potentially produce benefits for the organism, if true, we could no longer sell milk saying that it contains omega 3, or blue fish saying that it contains unsaturated fats that make good for health, or, to stay on topic, that vitamins must be consumed because they can be good for this or that.

So let's imagine that inside the cigarette filter, instead of the famous menthol ball (moreover already the subject of wide criticism), there was a "magic" ball which, for example, improves eyesight. One could speculate by saying "smoke that you take off your glasses". Obviously, in order to discourage smoking, the legislator has forbidden this because it is not possible to lose sight of the primary concept that smoking hurts and that smoking must be fought from every point of view, and therefore some of its activities cannot be identified. beneficial by mystifying it thanks to the presence of intrinsically beneficial substances.

And this is the point, smoking or rather absorbing nicotine is the demarcation limit that isolates tobacco products from all other products. Products that have specific and specific regulations according to their classification.

Therefore ZERO is outside these limits or if you prefer outside the regulatory field precisely because it does not contain nicotine in the most absolute way.

Regarding the presence of l-ascorbic acid, commonly assimilated to vitamin C, although it is the main vitamin or one of the cofactors of the vitamin C complex, since it cannot be defined chemically as vitamin C, it would be considered only an additive but, in any case, not included in the legislation and in the prohibitions of the provisions listed for the above.

For this reason, even in the live presentation of the product on the Blendfeel Channel to those who asked if it could be mixed with products containing nicotine the answer was basically: there are no chemical incompatibilities but the product philosophy collides with this practice.

It is therefore specified for the above, as prescribed in the package insert, that ZERO must not be used in liquids containing nicotine and / or to prepare mixtures containing nicotine.

ZERO is not nicotine and is in effect an alternative to it ..

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