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ZERO is a blend to be used as an alternative to typical nicotine blends, it is an integration with excipients to prepare liquids for personal vaporizers.

Its use is banal and is part of the well-established practice of preparing liquids for personal vaporizers: in essence, just add it in the strength you prefer together with the aromas to obtain the ready product.

Now it remains to understand what level of Strength is suitable for your personal use.

Let's start from the first concept that there is no relationship referable to the concentration usually used for nicotine, the dosages are significantly lower and cannot be correlated with any mathematical algorithm to the nicotine concentration: Forza 4 should not be compared with, for example, the classic dosage of nicotine equal to 4 mg / mL so to speak.

The dosage curve, in fact, is not linear but acts as a curve that decreases its steepness, that is the quantity of molecules present or concentration if you prefer with the increase of the Force, here is that Forza 8 is not the double of Force 4 and similarly, it cannot be said that two Force 8 give a Force 16.

The choice to talk about Strength and not about concentration is absolutely not accidental, putting concentration values ​​would have potentially generated errors of evaluation by the Vaper who, instead, if he wants to use the product must "discover his own Strength", some attempts to find the right value I think we need to foresee it but surely in specialized shops you will have the necessary experience to advise in the best way.

While considering the subjective factors of the user: the type of aspiration, the volume of air inhaled, the depth that the vapor can reach in one's respiratory system, objective factors must be added: the type of system used, the energy which is supplied by the battery to the system with obvious references to the type of circuit (mechanical, electronic) and to the electrical user (head or coil), we believe we can give some general indications useful to give a first help in the discovery of one's strength. / p>

The experiences carried out on a sample of testers have shown that subjects accustomed to low nicotine values ​​(3 - 4 mg / mL) usually stand at Strength 2-3.

Subjects habitual at values ​​around 6 - 9 mg / mL usually settle on values ​​of Strength 4 - 5.

Usual subjects at values ​​around 12 -15 mg / mL usually settle on values ​​of Strength 6 -7.

Habitual subjects at values ​​around 18 mg / mL usually attest to Strength 7 - 8.

All this considering the factors listed above which have a considerable weight in identifying the suitable Strength value.

Someone will ask if it is possible to increase the Force beyond 8 by combining more bottles, the answer is yes but we do not recommend it, first because the effect is not proportional and therefore there is no parameter that identifies levels beyond Force 8 second because from ours Vapers used to high nicotine values ​​have found the product at Maximum Strength to be adequate anyway: for us the concept holds that exceeding is never the best thing to do.

As we said before, it is necessary to take into account not only a little research aimed at identifying one's strength, but also a short journey of habit, exactly like when you started using electronic cigarettes with liquids containing nicotine, all they will remember the coughs of the first puffs and the subsequent gradual habit and stabilization at the nicotine level identified as optimal.

The tingling that can be felt is a signal, and if you consider it too strong it means that you need to go down to balance the perception in relation to the type of system and your inhalation habits.

What we can say is that even for the strong difference in toxicity of ZERO compared to nicotine it is worth trying this alternative.

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