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KM 0 - SOLO Mix and Vape 50 mL

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From leaves of Virginia, Burley

Flavouried with mint


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KM 0

The "Solo" with an intruder, a mint extraction for a pleasure that will make you smile, we are sure of it, the notes of Burley and Virginia live on in this special liquid.

From leaves of Virginia, Burley, Menta

The SOLO line

SOLO, whose meaning is Simply Organic Lasting Over: is the result of extensive research by the Blendfeel Lab. Designed with the desire to produce organic flavours with organoleptic characteristics comparable to traditional flavours but which could reduce coil deterioration as much as possible. A study and a production process that has made them absolutely long-lasting even in non-regenerative systems and PODs.

pod e rigenerabile.pngcoil.png

SOLO IS COIL FRIENDLY: you can use SOLO in an absolutely long-lasting way even in non-regenerative systems and PODs.

The extraordinary peculiarity of SOLO is that their aroma will fully gratify even the lovers of the most performing regenerative atomizers allowing them to enjoy the most complex nuances profused by these extracts.

The production of the aroma starts from tobacco leaves selected among the best cultivations in the world and tested in the aromatic yields for years, dedicating to each cultivar a specific treatment and processing that has allowed to enhance it obtaining the maximum aromatic expression.

More extraction and purification techniques have been used than Blendfeel considers ever before, and it was the modifications to the production equipment normally used that made the difference. The extreme engineering of the extraction process has always been a peculiarity and a company philosophy, SOLO is the translation of a Know-How acquired through years of study, experimentation and passion.


Data sheet

Aroma type
Flavoured organic flavour
Bottle material
PET original Chubby Gorilla black cap transparent black bottle
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Tipo di estratto
High-performance extraction with additional flavouring
Product type
Ready liquid without nicotine