Kentucky - SOLO 10 ml bottle 30ml

Kentucky - SOLO 10 ml bottle 30ml


From leaves of Kentucky


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Kentucky, a tobacco with a large and consistent leaf, is used not only to prepare Tuscan cigars of which the Italian tradition is extensive, but also to accompany Virginia in pipe blends bringing a characteristically sapid, smoky and woody quality which dampens and enriches the sweet notes. It is also used to give body to the blend, as in Black Cavendish and English Mixtures.

The Tuscan cigar was born by chance and due to spontaneous fermentation caused by a flood that hit the Florence factory . With the arrival of the summer heat, the previously soaked tobacco began to ferment, releasing a strong smell of ammonia, but the director of the plant, terrified by the idea that Grand Duke Ferdinando III would never forgive him, decided not to throw it in the Arno but to use it for filling cigars. It was a great success. It was August 1815.

But apart from the fermentation, which led him to be elected prince for the preparation of cigars, there is basically the fire treatment that defines it as "fire cured". In fact, after the harvest, the leaves are hung in rooms where the fire is lit on the floor and in this way it is dried. The wood used is essential to define the organoleptic characteristics of the leaf. It takes about 20 days to complete the drying and to see its color transform from green to the characteristic dark brown.

And it is from this leaf, of Italian origin, that our Kentucky is extracted, with a technique that leaves its nuances intact and is able to reproduce its taste with absolute fidelity. In this case, a taste in which a small part of the Italian history relating to the production of cigars is enclosed.

Kentucky used in this extract is of the fire-cured type whose classification is regulated in Europe by the EXPLANATORY NOTES OF THE COMBINED NOMENCLATURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (2015/C 076/01) of 03/04/2015

fire-cured tobaccos', tobaccos which have been dried with hot air in artificial atmospheric conditions using a wood fire from which the tobaccos have partially absorbed the smoke. The leaves of fire-cured tobaccos are thicker than those of Burley, flue-cured or Maryland tobaccos of the same height. The colors generally vary from yellowish brown to very dark brown. Other colors and color combinations often result from different degrees of maturity or from cultivation or drying techniques


Data sheet

Aroma type
Single-leaf organic flavour
Bottle material
PET original Chubby Gorilla black cap transparent black bottle
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Tipo di estratto
High performance extraction
Product type
Double concentration flavor

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