Marby - Pack 10 + 20 - ZERO - Strength 1 to 8


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Pack description

The package consists of a PG base aroma sufficient to flavor a total of 30 mL, a 10 ml ZERO base 55 and a 10 mL VG. By mixing the three products a composition 55 (50 PG 50 VG) is obtained. Add the 55 ZERO base and the 10 mL Glycerine to the 30 mL bottle and shake carefully.

The ZERO base 55 in this package can be replaced as desired with a ZERO base 55 for 10 + 20 factories with other Strength values. It is also possible to select BIY Full VG integration with other compositions (55, 73), in this way mixtures a little more fluid are obtained.

Pack content

Concentrated flavor for system 20 + 40 mL, dilute with 40 mL of pure PG or VG or pre-mixed PGVG in 10 mL BIY or ZERO bases

A tobacco note with a slight almond flavor, a simple but at the same time particular taste.

Main aroma: soft tobacco, fragrant, with a slight almond scent.

Product for integration in the ratio of 1 bottle in the 10 + 20 compartments and 2 bottles in the 20 + 40 compartments

This product contains a mixture of 50% PG and 50% VG and the typical excipients of the ZERO formulation, it is used as a supplement in the preparation of the 10 + 20 decomposed as an alternative to the bases containing nicotine. The value of the Force indicated on the label is that which is reached following a mixing for a total of 30 (10 + 20) mL.

Bases without nicotine composed of Propylene Glycol EP and Glycerine E 422 according to the indications on the label


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