Welcome into the BlendFEEL home page, a young and dynamic reality which produces high quality liquids for electronic cigarettes, our preparations have a
tested, inspected and certificated composition, and mixed in compliance with current regulation.

Our preparations do not contain any drugs or medications, if heated vaporization devices do not develop gas but only vapors with special aromatic characteristics.

We never get tired of seeking perfection, we test our products daily both in our laboratory and with the help of external tester which evaluate in a critical manner sensory perceptual aspects of the products. Every observation and critic provides inspiration to improve our products, although currently we believe that producted liquids are balanced and generally recognized as a great sensory appeal kind of products. Our products are realized with certified food or pharmacological quality ingredients acquired in the Italian and European market. After having meticulously defined the liquid and after having approved it through our tests to verify the product’s quality both from an aromatic point of view and a base mixture point of view, for example to check the liquid’s vaporosity during the heating, we provide a report of the product to the Superior Health Institute before the commercialization. BlendFEEL liquids are really a “Made in Italy” product, prepared with high quality raw materials in compliance with the 16.02.2008 Regulation CE 1272/2008. The operators of our laboratory have HACCP certification for the food industry.



The spirit with which we daily handle our work, the passion that drives us every day to seek the best to offer to Vapers who love our products has made us believe in this project.

SlowVape are not only pre-mixed liquid of excellent quality, but contain the search for natural matrices that we selected with care and we have transformed with our technology in liquids to vape.

SlowVape is a line of extracted in purity products ready to vaporize or to be mixed in the most personal and tasty recipes and immediately ready to vape … about all the rest we have taken care!




LOGO_EIM BlendFEEL adhered to the EIM protocol of self-regulation therefore committing itself to:

produce liquids with a high quality chain

ensure that its production takes place exclusively in Italy

develop the  Italian”know-how”  in the world in this sector too