…a new concept of  vaping

…Designed for the most demanding vapers: for those who want the translation of a natural flavor in a liquid for personal vaporizer with the possibility of change it at will …


  • SlowVape introduces the concept of good vaping  that is to say the search for values ??that identify the products which are tied to specific cultures or realities, searching for the pure taste .
  • SlowVape is a system of tasting, we have defined it Eliquid Blending System, the products which constitute it are extracted in pureness, produced with an extraction system that we have designed and built in the last few months, thanks to which we can extract the best part of natural products selected with care.
  • SlowVape therefore allows to assemble to your own liking and taste different primary components in a complex liquid to form a  personal mix …..  ready to taste in a few minutes, you will not need to wait, the ampoules are not bases and flavorings but already mature premixed liquids …
  • SlowVape is a moment and an opportunity of sharing, we will constitute a database available to everybody, which will allow to share the best recipes so that everyone can test and share their experiences and preferences.
  • SlowVape  wants to spread the vaping culture, foster friendship and the desire to be together in this passion.
  • SlowVape in Italy will be available exclusively  in the best physical stores, with this system we want to give SlowVape Points an added value which we believe is owed.

The proposal

Each SlowVape pack will contain an empty bottle in amber glass of 30 ml complete with cap adapter, Printgraduated syringe and pipette. The package also includes 3  amber glass ampoules of 10 ml containing pure extracts that will be chosen by the vaper. A leaflet completes the  package with the usual useful informations and a bag of natural cotton that we selected for this products’ line. The label on the bottle of 30 ml has empty fields to fill with your own informations.


Later, it will also be possible to choose a single ampoule of extract in pureness … we do not exclude that extracts in pureness  can pleasure alone or because of a particular concentration they may simply have a higher percentage in the recipes …

The extracts will be with a minimum percentage of PG of 50%, but this percentage may be increased in order to best balance,  from the aromatic point of view, each single component. We will prepare them with nicotine concentration of 4.5 and 9.0 mg / ml.

The production lots once purified are tested in specialized laboratories for their suitability for vaping and to redact the certification. The extracts in pureness planned:


  • Virginia Fire Cured

It is a robust variety of tobacco grown in the sunny plantations of Virginia and used by connoisseurs of the pipe in their mixtures. A well-grown plant is characterized by a high percentage of sugar and nitrogen, that percentage will increase if  the harvest is made at an advanced state of maturation through a specific process. The leaves are  cured by smoking over gentle fires that will give them a rich flavor, slightly floral, a tobacco that adds body and aroma to any blend.

  • Avana

It’s the name under which are generically indicated tobaccos originating from the island of Cuba, who deservedly have the primacy in the world for the quality, thanks to the natural environment favorable to the cultivation and are therefore called “nobles” tobaccos. They owe their nobility to the fact of belonging to the unique variety kept pure through the centuries which remains the finest we know of, in addition to the fact of being worked by ancient and skilful mastery. It is said that the Europeans have come to their knowledge of tobacco and its uses by the natives of this island beginning from the very first expeditions of Columbus. The tobaccos of the island of Cuba are the best in the world for their qualities, among which stands the aroma, which is delicious and inebriating: just a few puffs of  their smoke are enough to long flavor exquisitely the environment in which we are located.

  • Burley

Burley tobacco has ancient origins, it’s the result of a long American tradition, where the plant has been selected and the method of collection, drying and cure have been handed down for over two centuries. Each plant, still green, is impaled on a metal spear  adapted to a long stick, where they are left to dry for three or four days before being hung in the appropriate barns and cured in the air for more than eight weeks, during which the color changes from pale yellow to brown. The quality achieved by this tobacco is mainly due to natural aging conditions. Once finished drying the plants are removed from the sticks and the leaves are harvested one by one from the stem and then gradually pressed. At this point the Burley tobacco is ready to reach the most discerning palates

  • Kentucky

This tobacco is cured by the smoke of special woods that penetrates slowly in the leaves, giving them a unique aroma and a distinctive color.
It’s a dark tobacco initially used for chewing  and subsequently used for cigarettes of particular strength with great content of nicotine. Imported in Italy since the nineteenth century it is the tobacco base for the famous Tuscan cigars so appreciated by our grandparents, fascinated by their strong character and  full,  full-bodied and flavorful aromas released during the act of smoking.

  • Oriental

It owes its name to the area in which it is grown, the Eastern Mediterranean, especially in Turkey and Greece. Europeans taught the Ottomans how to cultivate and treat tobacco, over time the Turks have perfected their own methods of cultivation and treatment, as well as ways of smoking and uses of tobacco .
Better quality leaves are treated for a long time and are slightly fermented.
It is a tobacco cured in the sun, it’s light and has a very characteristic flavor. It has a smooth character that conquers at the very first puffs with a slightly peated flavor, perfect to pull over to a good single malt whiskey.

  • Cavendish

The Cavendish tobacco originated in England in the late sixteenth century, when the homonymous Admiral of the British fleet found that by dipping tobacco leaves in the sugar, a milder and softer smoke was obtained. Since then the name Cavendish was used to identify any tobacco treated with sweeteners such as maple syrup, figs, honey and rum. These tobaccos are dark, light, delicate and sweet, heavily fermented under liquid and then prepared  with vapor or under pressure to give a sweet, rich and flavorful taste, characterized by a fresh smoke.

  • Latakia

The legend says that European merchants came across a spicy tasted tobacco and by searching for the origin they discovered that it derived from unsold leaves by farmers that were left hanging from the ceiling where they were cured by natural smoke of the fireplace. Beyond the anecdote, the Latakia is traditionally cured by burning bushes and branches of pine, cedar, myrtle and aromatic herbs at direct fire, which gives the leaves shades ranging from greyish-brown to black. The taste is sweet and light, it is widely used as a flavoring component in tobacco mixtures for pipe, due to the very intense and pleasant aromatic richness and thanks to the excellent ability to bond well with other tobaccos giving character to the blends.

  • Paraguay

It’s a dark  tropical tobacco air cured and then fermented in bulk. The treatment is carried out in air and shadow in proper driers, the leaves are strung with twine and hung on the plans; the drying period lasts about sixty days, after which the leaves need a supplementary fermentation that occurs in masses of leaves of about fifty tons that are subjected to a number of revolutions as a function of the developed temperatures, and the process is completed in about forty-five days. It has lower aroma than other dark tobaccos, sometimes penetrating, it has a good combustibility, it is mainly used in fine cigars and cigarettes, French type, and it is also used in chewing tobacco.


  •  ASSAM Black Tea

This tea comes from the Camellia Assamica, plant that differs from other tea plantations because it’s more strong and durable, given the climate of the area in which it proliferates, which gives the tea a characteristic strong aroma, full-bodied, malty flavor, very aromatic and lively, with a woody aftertaste. The infusion has a distinctive dark color  with reddish amber tones. It has different healing properties including benefits to the treatment of asthma, stimulant, exciting and diuretics effects.

  •  Absinthe Green Tea

Absinthe is a distilled with a high alcohol content, with aroma of anise derived from herbs such as the flowers and leaves of wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), from which it takes its name. The herbs that compose the Absinthe also possess stimulating and relaxing proprieties. The Absinthe has a particular and complex flavor that is well matched with green tea. Green tea is made exclusively from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis that during preparation must not suffer any oxidation. Connoisseurs say that the best qualities of this green tea, delicately aromatic, are unmatched in color, taste and aroma. In this mix the main actor is green tea, its extract  has a bright dark green, absinthe is a note in the background of the blend that enhances the flavor and makes it unique.

  •  KEEMUN Tea

It’s considered the best black tea in China, “the tea of the Lion Mountain ” has a subtle scent of orchid and a bright red liquid of tender and sweet flavor, a delicious and refined tea, fruity with hints of pine, plum and flowers that make the taste so special and balanced. Its excellent flavor is one of the most appreciated in the world.


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