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CONCENTRATED ORGANIC AROMAS 10mL: classic tobacco extracts

Aroma di tabacco® is the ultimate in natural tobacco extracts: they are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research is meticulous and the products arrive at our production plant directly from the producers located in the places where they are grown.

he use of these extracts can be associated with the philosophy of slow vaping, the SLOWVAPE®: thought up years ago when tobacco extraction for vaping was taking its first steps, reaching today the level of production excellence that we place at the disposal of all enthusiasts.

These concentrated organic flavourings are produced by Blendfeel in its own production plant using proprietary technologies and represent the specialisation and high quality of "Made in Italy" in this type of aromatic preparation dedicated to vaping.

They are selected and specifically tested for use in vaping. They contain ingredients suitable for vaping.

They are food grade and meet the strictest certification standards..

Enjoy !

The classic dosage of the product is 10%, but depending on personal taste, dilutions can easily be from 6% to 12%.

The product does not require any particular maturation, but it should be borne in mind that the aromatic characteristics evolve over time, slightly modifying the perception of taste.

Dosage and maturation times are absolutely subjective in this type of product, and the perceptive result is influenced by the type of vaporizer and the base used.

We recommend bases containing water, classically with a VG/PG/H20 ratio of 40/50/10 or in bottom fender or efficient tank systems with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

Please note that the presence of water in blends not only enhances the solubility of the product but also significantly improves the quality of the vapour emitted by the vaping system.

IDue to the natural characteristic of the product, high concentrations make the finished blend fouling and, while on the one hand greater flavour is obtained, the formation of fouling on the coils increases proportionally by increasing the frequency of regeneration, also depending on the system used and the method of use.

Lastly, we would like to point out that the product may contain minute traces of nicotine, which are irrelevant for the calculation of the titre of the finish blend.

These are only small indications, it is left to the habits and imagination of the vaper to identify the most personal and best use of the product. Aroma di Tabacco® extracts are analysed with a Gas Mass System (GCMS) in the Blendfeel Lab to exclude the presence of phytochemicals and pesticides.

Aroma di Tabacco 10 mL...

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Aroma di Tabacco 10 mL...

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Aroma di Tabacco 10 mL...

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Aroma di Tabacco 10 mL...

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Aroma di tabacco 10 mL...

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