It all started in 2013

The story of Blendfeel® has started in 2013 with an idea born at table with friends, almost joking. Today, Blendfeel® has become one of the few companies able to fully and autonomously prepare e-liquids in Italy. Blendfeel® is one of the few companies in the world. Our goal is to offer our customers high quality aromas and be the benchmark in the world of organic aromas of tobacco.

From the beginning, in fact, we specialized in tobacco processing to create incredible electronic cigarette aromas. All the natural extracts of Blendfeel® are produced with the best tobacco leaves available in the world market. The selection and research takes place with meticulousness and the leaves reach our production plant directly from the producers identified in the places of cultivation.

Over time, our Research & Development team has developed innovative extraction and purification processes that today allow us to offer products of unparalleled quality.

Blendfeel®, however, is not only organic aromas of tobacco: our offer is a 360% offer, ranging from tobacco aromas to creamy and fruity, and also up to the basics and integrations.

The ingredient that never fails, is passion!

Our company

The Blendfeel® company is located in an industrial building in Seveso, north of Milan. Blendfeel is based in Milan. It is equipped with production and extraction departments of raw materials, research and development laboratory, administrative offices, product design and design offices, warehouse and logistics. Blendfeel ľ has the necessary requirements to carry out high quality production operations, both in the field of synthetic aromas and in natural tobacco extracts.

From the first tobacco extracts to today

The history of the natural extracts of Blendfeel®, begins in 2014 with the concentrated aromas of 10 ml Aroma di Tabacco®. and the philosophy of the slow vape, the SlowVape®.

In 2020, Blendfeel®, presents its first organic tobacco extracts. The SOLO line is born. This line is born from the continuous research and the will to satisfy the always new needs of our customers. Its characteristics are two: tobacco aromas SOLO do not deteriorate coils and have organoleptic characteristics comparable to traditional extracts.

Blendfeel® never stops! In 2022 it presents the new frontier of coil friendly organic aromas: the SOLO Private Reserve line.

Our team

Why choose Blendfeel™?

BLENDFEEL™ has developed e-liquid vapers with extraordinary characteristics both from a technical/organoleptic and gustatory point of view, both in the field of synthetic aromas and in natural tobacco extracts. BLENDFEEL is the perfect choice.

The mixtures are prepared in compliance with the regulations in force and all production moments are maniacally controlled to obtain the results we are recognized for today.

BLENDFEEL™'s preparation does not contain any medicinal or medicamentous substances, and when heated in the vaporisation systems they do not develop gas but only vapours with peculiar aromatic characteristics.

The result of this organisation and the passion of the entire staff enables the preparation of e-liquids with tested, controlled and certified composition.

What our customers say about us

Contact us

For any information or request you can contact us by email or call us at one of the following telephone numbers (active from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00), or fill out the contact form, we will answer you as soon as possible!

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