Aroma di Tabacco® 40 ml

These Organic Flavors are often defined as triple-concentrated flavours, they are less concentrated than the traditional 10ml ones.
In the 40 ml proposal, the 120ml bottle contains 40ml of aroma with a concentration designed to prepare a total of 80 to 120 mL. It must therefore be completed with a variable quantity from 40 to 80 ml of neutral base with or without nicotine according to your preferences. A concentration of the aroma is obtained which varies from 12 to 8% according to the extent of the dilution.
By composing the liquid ready to vape it is possible to obtain a concentration level of nicotine up to 12 mg/mL with the bases BIY or up to Strength 8 using the PG-based booster ZERO. The composition of the mixture that can be obtained is usually from50/50 to70/30.

These blends do not require particular maturation times as the aroma is well pre-diluted in the glycolic part which is precisely the solvent normally used.

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