Blendfeel Caffé - 40+40/80 ml e-cigarette liquids

Caffé - 40 ml


Caffé - 40+40/80 ml -

Concentrated flavor for system 40 + 40/80 mL, dilute with pure PG or VG or PGVG premixed in 10 mL BIY or ZERO bases. Dilutable from 40 to 80 ml, obtaining aromatic concentrations from 12 to 8%

mL: 40

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A blend of coffee with the dominant Arabica and broken by the Robusta.

Coffee with a strong and decisive taste thanks to a longer roasting and with higher temperatures, with a processing at higher temperatures, typical of the Neapolitan tradition.

Of course it is not an espresso, it would be impossible, but in this aroma you will discover the true essence of coffee, strong, with a bitter taste that enhances its taste and which, if you want, can also enrich your favorite blends

It may contain traces of caffeine.

Indications for dilution:

With 40 mL dilution, an aroma concentration of 12% is obtained.

With 80 mL dilution, an aroma concentration of 8% is obtained.

Recommended dilution 60 mL to obtain an aroma concentration of 10%


Data sheet

Aroma type
Organic flavor
Bottle material
Transparent PET, dispenser, Child Proof black cap
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Atomizzatori rigenerabili, drippers
Tipo di estratto
Traditional extraction
Product type
Triple concentration aroma

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