The Slowvape philosophy amplifies its value introducing vaping in the culinary arts for the first time: BBQ MYSTIC is born.

A project generated by a passion for cooking and vaping, in this case the traditional American-style BBQ.

We wondered "why not consider vaping like a good wine or beer?"

"After all, when you are looking for the best food experience, you think about the matching of wine or beer to each dish: the taste and aroma that best enhances the dish, the alcoholic strength that is most functional to the body of the dish. In this sense, there are schools of thought, mainly French, Italian and English, which have developed real approaches to the subject on the basis of codified procedures."

Renzo Cattaneo

To date, it has not been developed a culture that enhances the tasting synergy between a vape flavouring and a dish.
We vapers use to vape at various times of the day, even during meals. Normally we are accompanied by our favourite liquid and it can happen that it clashes with the food.

This is the focal point!

The ever-increasing passion, even in Europe, for BBQ takes, today more and more, its cue from the American tradition that boasts Pit masters of international standing.
This has given rise to a project that in time will head for new horizons.

BBQ MYSTIC was born just like this: a real challenge, the breaking of classic vaping patterns.

BBQ and spicy tobacco

a daring combination that immediately seemed natural to us!

Our experience in processing tobaccos and making them excellent for vaping led BLENDFEEL LAB to study spice mélanges with affinities to the varied rubs typically used in American BBQ.

The MYSTIC BBQ line is the result of sophisticated laboratory techniques managed with taste and patience to find the best nuances.

We therefore decided to enrich BBQ MYSTIC with the refinement of the SOLO line to give to these products organoleptic excellence, extraordinary coil durability and total flexibility of use in any vaping system.

4 SHOT 20 ML



BBQ is not just about meat: tradition also includes cooking fish dishes.

MISSOURI RIVER was created with the aim of enhancing fish dishes. It will give you a unique experience revisited and enhanced by typical Mediterranean flavours: wild fennel and basil thus appear in association with a Balkan Basma.

A perfect combination, a blend of spices calibrated and amplified by the cedar notes of the basma itself. The sensory perception is extraordinary, appreciable, intense.


The "red chicken" typical of the northwestern coastal region of the United States, called Rhode Island, has become a regional symbol; RHODE ISLAND is therefore ideal for tasting chicken in its most varied recipes.

Here, then, is a spicy flavour with notes of oregano and coriander, in which the tobacco matrix could only be a splendid American Virginia.

Slightly smoky and spicy, it is perfect to vape during a barbecue with perfectly cooked white meat roasted just right.


The prince of BBQ is above all the "pork". Undisputed for the variety of cuts and preparations: ribs, tenderloin, ham, neck, sausages.

An entire world in which rubs dominate with spicy seasonings often with the addition of Habanero chillies. It is precisely from the rub formulations, sold in endless variations from the north of the United States to the speciality shops of New Orleans, that this recipe was born.

The tobacco part is led by a good, lightly smoked Kentucky. While in the spicy part you will be amazed by the combination of oregano, turmeric and cumin enriched by a melange of spices.


How could a flavour dedicated to red meat preparations be missing?

Brisket, T-bone, rib, chunk, flank, sirloin, plate are just a few of the typical American BBQ cuts that are always a must, especially during 4th of July celebrations.

IRON RANCH has a light latakia base that amplifies the smoke effect, a blend of spices in which a slight hint of pepper gives way to sweet and herbaceous notes.

These characteristics enhance the perfect combination with red cuts prepared with low and slow cooking in the off set, but also with the vivacious searing that can be achieved at 600 Fahrenheit in a traditional Kamado.