extractos clásicos del tabaco



The classic dosage of the product is 10%, however according to personal tastes the dilutions can be easily from 6% to 12%.

The product does not require particular maturation but it must be taken into account that the aromatic characteristics evolve over time, slightly modifying the perception of taste.

Dosage and maturation times are absolutely subjective in this type of product and the perceptive result is influenced by the type of vaporizer and the base used.

We recommend bases containing water, classically with:

40/50/10 ratio (VG/PG/H20)

50/50 ratio (VG/PG) in bottom fender systems or with efficient tanks.

Remember that the presence of water in the mixtures not only favors the solubility of the product but significantly improves the quality of the steam emitted by the vape system.

Finally, it should be noted that the product may contain minimal traces of nicotine, irrelevant for the calculation of the title of the arrival mixture.

These are only small indications, the most personal and best identification of the use of the product is left to the vapors' habits and imagination.


Aroma di tabacco® is the ultimate in natural tobacco extracts: they are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research is meticulous and the products arrive at our production plant directly from the producers located in the places where they are grown.

The aroma is produced starting from tobacco leaves through specific extraction and purification techniques engineered in the Blendfeel Lab.

The Aroma extracts of Tobacco (R) are analyzed with a Gas Mass system in the Blendfeel Lab to exclude the presence of pesticides and pesticides.


Due to the natural characteristic of the product, the high concentrations make the finished mixture encrusting.

On the one hand a greater flavor is obtained, on the other hand the formation of incrustations on the coils increases proportionally increasing the regeneration frequency, also according to the system used and the methods of use.

The use of these extracts can be associated with the philosophy of slow vaping, the SLOWVAPE®: thought up years ago when tobacco extraction for vaping was taking its first steps, reaching today the level of production excellence that we place at the disposal of all enthusiasts.


In the summer of 2014, we designed and built an extraction plant with which we used agricultural tobacco leaves to obtain aromatic extracts that gave rise to the Slowvape line. It was an innovative concept that ambitiously wanted to introduce the theme of slow vaping into vaping, proposing the use of extracts exactly as if they were tobacco shreds.

Renzo Cattaneo in an interview for The Flavourist


Directly from the leaf, dried and processed according to the respective tradition, a "juice" of tobacco without additions, seasonings and frills. Just as it comes from the land and cultivated with passion, it arrives directly in the bottle in absolute purity, of course authentic.

This is the "Raw" line, looking for the best varieties of genuine tobacco, extracted and processed to preserve the most natural and vigorous soil fragrance possible. Like Mother Nature did.


We move away from the safe ground of memory to face a path in the unusual. A pinch of madness and inspiration to build daring aromatic ensembles, but of great thickness.

The tobaccos always protagonists, find space vanilla, rum, dark hints of peat or even the refined varieties of exotic teas. The usual care in the construction of the aromatic scale opens up a range of infinite possibilities. A line that does not admit preconceptions of any kind, wonder is a must.


A blast from the past to rediscover the classic pipe mixes, the most famous and refined cigar compositions, the familiarity of tobacco blends that have created millions of fans around the world.

Through a skilful work of balance and balance, the best extracts are amalgamated to recreate in "liquid" form the famous English mixture, the warm and enveloping Balkan mixture, or a Tuscan cigar born. Or why not, a fragrant Cuban. A journey to the roots of tradition.


Precious raw materials selected directly in the places of origin, a process of extraction and stabilization of specific tobacco leaves.

Dedicated aging that allows these leaves to become aromas with particular characteristics that make their peculiarity is highlighted making itself appreciable. This is "Reserve".


LThe most difficult stage of the crossing into the endless sea of tobacco is an island where the pass is the suspension of disbelief. A landing place only narrated by the most daring who have ventured there, where to find authentic distilled wonders.

Here the rarest and most precious tobacco blends magically blend with impossible extracts: dark beer, double malt beer, bourbon whiskey and... Imagination. Fantastic surprises and where to find them.