Burley - SOLO 10mL bottle 30mL

Burley - SOLO 10+10mL


Coil friendly orginic tobacco flavour extracted from Burley

mL: 10 mL

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Together with virginia, it is the other main player in structured blends for cigarettes. Linked to the story of the migration of the pioneers of the Far West who began to grow tobacco outside the traditional lands of the East Coast.

Legend has it that it was cultivated for the first time by mistake, from Kentucky seeds, on the banks of the Ohio in 1864 and that the farmer convinced that the seeds purchased in Kentucky led to this cultivar, disappointed by the slender seedlings, the first time he destroyed them and only the following year did he complete the harvest. Harvest that resulted in a structured leaf with a rich and complete aroma. Burley is a fragrant tobacco, with a taste which, thanks to its neutrality, makes it suitable for balancing blends, giving them strength and being combined with the most diversified flavourings.

In the history of vaping, Burley was one of the first tobaccos to be used, thanks also to its varieties that make it a diversified product and to be discovered in its nuances, the liking of this aroma has always been at the highest levels precisely by virtue of its flexibility in mixing and its high-level aromaticity.

The Burley used in this extract is of the light air-cured type whose classification is regulated in Europe by the EXPLANATORY NOTES OF THE COMBINED NOMENCLATURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (2015/C 076/01) of 03/04/2015
light air-cured tobacco of the Burley type, including Burley hybrids, tobacco which has been dried with hot air under natural atmospheric conditions and which does not give off a smoky odor when subjected to heat or more air; the leaves have a color that varies from light brown to reddish. Other colors and color combinations often result from different degrees of maturity or from cultivation or drying techniques


Data sheet

Aroma type
Single-leaf organic flavour
Bottle material
PET original Chubby Gorilla black cap transparent black bottle
Bottle content mL
ml integration for ready-to-vape liquid
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Tipo di estratto
High performance extraction
Product type
Double concentration flavor

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