Aroma di Tabacco® 20mL bottle 60mL

The organic tobaccco flavors Aroma di tabacco® SELECTION and SIGNATURE are the ultimate in natural tobacco extracts: they are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research is meticulous and the products arrive at our production plant directly from the producers located in the places where they are grown.

The use of these extracts can be associated with the philosophy of slow vaping, the SLOWVAPE®. 

We recommend the use of these aromas on regeneratable systems.


ORGANIC LONGFILL 20 ml are e-cigarette flavors without nicotine. 60 ml bottles contain 20 ml of aroma. Add neutral base or nicotine base to get a 60 ml ready-to-use product. You can also use ZERO boosters to get a product with HIT but no nicotine.

If you want more information on the composition see the tab "how to prepare"

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