BLENDS are 10 mL concentrated flavourings.

4 blends of complex flavourings: Desert blood, Liquorice Mint, Splitty and Islamorada.

These flavourings are selected and specifically tested for use in vaping.

They contain ingredients suitable for vaping. They are food grade and meet the strictest certification regulations.

Packaging with amber glass bottle and aluminium sealing to ensure maximum preservation and organoleptic integrity of the flavouring.

Concentrated aromas should not be used pure, they must necessarily be diluted in the neutral base with any concentration (10% recommended).

+ 90 mL NEUTRAL BASE with or without nicotine

  • You can obtain a nicotine concentration level of up to 12 mg/mL (alternatively you can obtain up to Strength 8 using the PG ZERO base booster).

  • The composition of the blend obtainable usually ranges from 50/50 - 70/30 - 40/50/10 - 45/45/10.

  • These blends do not require any particular maturation time as the aroma is well prediluted in the glycol part which is the solvent normally used.

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