Avana - SOLO 20mL flacone 60mL

Avana - SOLO 20+40mL


Coil friendly orginic tobacco flavour extracted from Avana

mL: 20

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In Cuba, tobacco and cigars are part of the culture and national identity, like music, dance, and rum. This tobacco, used no one knows since when, by the indigenous Americans, probably from the Yucatan, is believed to have also been cultivated by the Maya and that following the disappearance of this civilization, it was brought by the various tribes both in South and North America where it was smoked by the Indians of the Mississippi area.

When the Spanish brought tobacco to Europe, at the end of the 1400s, it is said that Christopher Columbus himself was struck by the custom of smoking, the story of its spread throughout the world, up to the present day, began. There is no doubt now that Cuban tobacco, often called Havana, continues to be recognized by expert smokers as the best in the world and even today it is one of the most appreciated, continuing to play an important role in the international market.

Tradition and innovation of tradition, this is our guideline that has allowed us to extract from these leaves, endowed with great history and appreciation, with cutting-edge techniques, the heart of a value recognized worldwide.

You will find in this extract the typical nuances of this wonderful leaf, from which nuances of flavor are generously offered that can accompany you in all phases of the day but which will give their best in a moment of tasting, why not: by combining it with an excellent rum.


Organic tobacco aromas coil friendly and uncompromising: their organoleptic characteristics are comparable to traditional extracts.

The aroma is produced starting from the best tobacco leaves through specific extraction and purification techniques engineered in the Blendfeel Lab. Theese flavors can be used permanently in pods and in the most advanced regeneratable systems.

SOLO 20+40 are pre-mixed e-cigarette liquids without nicotine. 60 ml bottles contain 20 ml of aroma. Add neutral base or nicotine base to get a 60 ml ready-to-use product. The bottles contain concentrated aroma not usable pure. If you have any doubts about the composition do not hesitate to contact us!


Data sheet

Aroma type
Single-leaf organic flavour
Bottle material
PET original Chubby Gorilla black cap transparent black bottle
Bottle content mL
ml integration for ready-to-vape liquid
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Tipo di estratto
High performance extraction
Product type
Triple concentration aroma

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