City LongFill 20 ml

City - Longfill 20mL bottle 60mL


Organic Burley tobacco, caramel, honey


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City LongFill 20+40

City is medium intense and dry with a slight woody background. The presence of Burley, tobacco notoriously used in the preparation of traditional cigarettes, gives it a rather linear taste, with pungent notes at the end of flare. Ideal for those who want to preserve the memory and feel of the analog cigarette.

Main aromas: Organic Burley tobacco, caramel, honey


Data sheet

Aroma type
Synthetic single-flavour flavour
Bottle material
PET original Chubby Gorilla black cap transparent black bottle
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Product type
Triple concentration aroma
    City scomposto 20+40 , a che livello di nicotina c'è?

    Il City 20+40 è solo aroma e va diluito con 40 ml di base con o senza nicotina. Puoi trovare le indicazioni per la diluizione nella pagina "Come comporre liquidi per sigaretta elettronica"

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