Technical assistance

How can I register to the website?

To register simply click on "SIGN IN" and create an account by clicking on "Don’t have an account yet? Create one here now"

How can I receive the Blendfeel Newsletter?

To subscribe to the Blendfeel Newsletter and always be informed about news, offers and special events, simply put the flag in the appropriate box during the registration phase or in the "Information" section, if you already have an account.

How can I change my tax details?

At any time, by accessing the "Addresses" section in your personal account, you can change your tax details. In case of variation of the VAT number, however, you will have to proceed with a new registration.

How can I receive the electronic invoice?

On registration as a retailer, it is necessary to correctly indicate the data for electronic invoicing, including the Unique Code and/or the PEC. The administration will also issue a paper copy of courtesy.

What should I do to unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

If you want to unsubscribe from the Newsletter, simply fill in the form via the "Contact Us" link. Your request will be processed shortly.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, simply fill in the form via the "Contact Us" link. Your request will be handled shortly.

I forgot the password to access the site, how can I do?

Don’t worry, you can easily get a new password: click on "Forgot your password?", enter the email address used to register to the site and then click on "Send reset link". You will receive an email with the link to reset your login credentials.

If you do not find the email with the new password try to check in the SPAM folder.

What are the advantages of registration?

Subscribing to the site is convenient because:       

  • you can access special offers, special occasions and personalized advice.
  • you can check the status of your orders in real time and manage your data in a simple and immediate way.
  • you can make your purchases easier and faster thanks to your address book and the ability to follow the status of orders within your personal profile.